A Quick Post; Cold and Tired


My veins are collapsing, large bruises are forming.  When I hear “cancer” I think automatically, needles, lots and lots of needles.  Cancer patients receiving their treatment via IV often must, or are given the option of having a port put into them.  I’d go with a port in a minute, and I’m not even getting IV treatment now.  I have had so many blood tests and injections in the past few weeks, and in the upcoming weeks at least four times as many.  I mean, ok, I do have cancer but my arms still feel every time something gets stuck in them!

In other news, I feel like my medication dosage is quite off.  One moment I’m warm, the next I’m freezing- and five minutes later I’m hot, and then again very cold.  Same thing with energy.  It feels like I’m going hypothyroid and then hyperthyroid and then back to hypo again and then back to hyper.

Today’s low iodine fun:
a bowl of homemade veggie soup
12 crackers
a forkful of peanut butter
not nearly enough water
some strawberries
3 egg white egg waffle

Here’s a scar update picture as we near the 1 month anniversary of the thyroidectomy:

Scar Update Almost a Month Out of the Surgery

Scar Update Almost a Month Out of the Surgery

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