The thyroid cancer treatment feels like it’s really starting to begin.  Tomorrow my diet gets even more strict, and then Friday I get lab work plus serum pregnancy test done and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday fun begins next week, followed by another week of radiation and isolation.

Today, the 20th, will mark the 5 year anniversary of G.’s death.  It’s sort of a weird thing to look at- he had lung and renal cancer and from the point of his diagnosis, he lived 7 months.  Granted, of course, he was much older than me and also had much more aggressive cancer types, but it’s still weird for me to think of it.   One of my last memories of him was with him in the bedroom, where he spent most of his post-diagnosis time, and he was sitting in the chair and someone touched his head and he said, “no, please don’t touch that- I’m supposed to lose my hair.”  He is an inspiration to me, and I miss him very much.

Well, I’m off to sort out some Zofran.  I promise a more descriptive and uplifting future post.  If you have suggestions or want to hear about something, just comment and I’ll be sure to post about it.


Low-Iodine-Diet food update:


-a bowl of veggie soup
-6 crackers
-2 potatoes peeled and baked with egg whites and blueberries


-squash with some honey, nutmeg, and brown sugar
-4 potatoes peeled and baked with egg whites and blueberries
-lots of white grape juice
-a couple spoonfuls of chocolate coconut milk ice cream

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