New Movies, Real Food


Well, I’m now able to go off of my low iodine diet and eat the things I’ve been lusting after for weeks… Mineo’s Pizza, Dozen Cupcakes Cupcakes and other goodies.

A friend dropped some new movies off for me– some great Israeli hits!

In other news, I am still radioactive– still have a PICC.  Almost accidentally killed myself yesterday, though.  I went to flush my PICC and there was a huge bubble coming up the line.  I clamped it off and panicked.  I should have known how to handle the situation, in fact, I do know how to handle the situation– I just didn’t do it right.  I called the hospital and they told me what I would have done had it been a patient of mine.  It’s weird when things happen to you that usually happen to your patients.

New Videos, Ignore the Sleepy Looking Face Behind Them

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