Definitely circling the hypo-waters.


Well, there is some legitimate stress in my life right now, but I’m going to attribute the excruciating headaches, sensitivity to comments/situations, and dry skin to becoming hypothyroid… which I am not happy about at all.  I don’t mean to be harsh, but I feel like shit and I’m quite down.  I found myself breaking down today on multiple occasions about nothing particular and my forehead is just unbelievably painful to the touch!

Anyway, I’m going to do a small Thyranksgiving post to sum up my thyroid afflicted holiday this year:

For the first time since I moved to Germany I had thanksgiving with my family… this occasion was groundbreaking in many ways– first, my family truly tried to accommodate the vegetarians (myself included) which made for probably the most food options at a family gathering able to be eaten by myself in YEARS… perhaps even since I became vegetarian (and that’s about 8 years back!)!  Secondly, it was the first time I had seen my father’s aunt and her family since my cancer diagnosis, which became extremely apparent after looking at my now 17 year old cousin, H, and him gasping at the gash across my neck (something I haven’t really taken notice of as “gasp worthy” since the steri-strips were removed and one no longer saw old caked on blood!).  He asked me what happened and I thought to myself, go figure, it’s been left up to me to break the news to all of my little cousins!  As I started to explain that I had thyroid cancer and that’s where the thyroid gland goes and what not he nodded his head and, in his very teenagery way managed something like a “oh right, I remember”.  Third groundbreaking moment was the whole evening going by without discussing my condition at all (with the exception of H’s reaction and conversation).  Fourth groundbreaking moment is that my uncle’s mother died on thanksgiving evening, which sort of brought a solemn, grave tone to the holiday.

In other news, I am moving along in my finishing up in the USA process in that I have purchased the gifts I needed to for my return to Heidelberg, and managed most things remotely from the USA for Heidelberg.  I hope things come together!

Here’s the scupdate I promised– it’s sequential from the past few days:

You can see the swelling! Imagine the pain!

Not nearly as swollen as above, but still not exactly in Joy-town!

Scar is still healing, "and we are still swollen" <--those were my lymph nodies chiming in! ;-D

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