Who are you? & then some


Well, I’ve decided that since my blog has had over a couple thousand hits in the past month and a half, I ask out of pure curiosity, who are you?  Feel free to either comment on this post or email me (hungryfortsh@gmail.com)– ask me questions, tell me about yourself, rant about your thyroid condition!  Tell me what you like about the blog, what could be improved on, and what you’d like to see in the future!


Today, for the first time in weeks, I was able to reduce the Ibuprofen by 2 pills!  My liver is beyond delighted!  I can’t really notice a difference in the swelling from subtracting 2 pills from my daily regiment, so I am hoping to get it further and further down.  Although the swelling is going down, there is some new thing hanging out right below my scar on the left side of my neck… I named it Thyknife, and it, as its name offers, feels like one of those slim pumpkin cutting knives has been wedged into my neck and is occasionally wriggled and tugged at.  I took a picture just for reference- but Thyknife doesn’t look ANYWHERE near as menacing as it actually feels.


Well, I’m off to pick a fight with that ‘lil mofo!  More later.


7 Responses to “Who are you? & then some”

  1. Wow… I am overwhelmingly disturbed by a few random similarities we have… No really… starting with the gyno telling you you had a lump in your neck, you being in pittsburgh and packing up for germany (except i went last year to hamburg)… did you do the thyca support group at upmc presby? I even have the “dude, where’s my thyroid?” shirt…

    Very weird. I look forward to reading more!


  2. 2 Ofira Roll

    wish you luck powerful young lady :) admire you from far away…

  3. 3 misscaterina

    I was browsing blogs and wanted to say – your scar looks amazing! I had a thyroidectomy on Nov 17th, my incision is good, but nowhere as neat as yours. I hope you are healing well.
    – Caterina

    • Thank you!!!

      How are you healing? Are you putting any creams on? I’ve been using cocoa butter and occasionally, if it’s really cold and windy I’ll put some Vitamin E oil on before I go out so it won’t dry out (but I don’t particularly like the shine the oil gives my neck!).

  4. Hi…I stumbled in by way of the site below.


    I have not had any issues with my thyroid, but I did go through a cancer scare with a malignant melanoma at 33. It is surprising to hear people say ” it’s curable ” with regard to yours as if that’s supposed to make you feel better. That does nothing to address the fears and anger that go with having cancer especially at such a young age. My guess is they’re trying in some way to reassure themselves because of the fear they feel for you.

    My biggest odd comment was when my daughter’s step-mother upon hearing about my melanoma for the first time several years after being diagnosed, turned to me and said dismissively, ” Yes, but you didn’t have the deadly skin cancer…” to which I wanted to say, ” You stupid idiot, I don’t know how much more deadly you can get than malignant melanoma! ” Instead I said, “Melanoma is the deadly skin cancer.”

    This was a woman with a chiropractic background and a lot of life experience and I would have thought a bit more practical knowledge and common sense than she displayed that day.

    It’s ironic that even after I discovered my cancer, I had a doctor suggest we just watch it. Prior to that several years earlier I had expressed concern to a dermatologist that I had a mole that fit the guidelines for potential problems and she too had said … ” We’ll just watch it…” It was on my back shoulder in a spot that is difficult to see and after few years had passed, I had a feeling I needed to have a look back there. So on a Christmas Eve day I took a good look at my back and knew immediately what I was looking at. It was a bit frightening later that the doctor removing it only did so because I had a meltdown in her office. After all that, the words ” We’ll just watch it …” are no longer welcome in my conversations with medical professionals

    I haven’t made my way through all your posts yet, but I will and I’ll be thinking a good thought for you.

    • Thank you so much for writing!
      I find it completely ridiculous that doctors are so extremely oblivious to things, because we are not them. I promise if a dermatologist had a malignant melanoma, they would pay more attention to their patient’s skin… same with endocrinologists– if they had thyroid cancer or a thyroid disease, they wouldn’t let us yoyo between hypo hell and hyper hell– they probably wouldn’t suggest watching something either. Medicine needs to change!

  5. 7 Syn

    Hi. I just stumbled across your blog today. I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, goiter, nodules and am hypo…for more than eight years now. The last endocrinologist suggested taking my thyroid out before he’d even examined me for the first time. He was fired. I am seeing a new doctor in two weeks and am hopeful he’ll be a better doctor.

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