In Heidelberg, in Thydelberg…


Well hello there from Heidelberg!

Sorry for the lack of recent updates– I’ve been trying to settle in, dealing with german bureaucracy, celebrating holidays, starting a new job, and adjusting to the time change.

Here’s my thyroid cancer update:

Here, just to fill you all in: I went to the ENT surgeon before I left Pittsburgh, he took a look at my throat and told me that he believed I have “silent” acid reflux, perhaps even secondary to the surgery.  He said that my muscles are in constant spasm and that the membranes are irritated by the acid.  I now have some medication for it, I haven’t exactly been taking very diligently– but after a few very uncomfortable days (the past three), I think I will try the drug and hope to hell it works.

I am now two days into my 175mcg dose… and feeling pretty special.  I’ve been progressively getting more heart palpitations and my appetite is scarily decreased.  I’ve resorted to setting events in my calendar with alarms saying “eat”.

It is very cold here– and the chill hurts my scar– but it’s kind of an unavoidable event because, due to the cold, it is uncomfortable if I wear something that touches my scar (like a scarf), but because I’m not wearing anything on top of it, my scar gets dried and painful.  I’ve been putting lots of cocoa butter on it in the morning, to try to avoid letting it dry out completely.

Moving everything in to my new place almost a week ago really strained my body– I’ve been trying to keep heat on my neck at all times (I bought the world’s most amazing scarf! It has pockets and microwavable inserts!), and allow my body to stretch out.  Two mornings ago I woke up with a completely frozen shoulder.  I put the last of my Bengay on it after an excruciatingly hot shower and lots of ibuprofen… I finally regained some movement back in it around midday, and by the evening I could move it quite well.

I also have to make an appointment with my endocrinologist here– I meant to do it today, but when I finally got home after hours of trying to find the right person to talk to about a university issue, I fell fast asleep for a few hours, and when I awoke, I had definitely missed my window of opportunity to call.

I’ll post a scupdate later– right now I think I’ll continue to watch some snow fall out in my garden, through my new big bedroom window and fall asleep.

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