Today is funny… not funny good or funny bad– but just funny.  I went to bed a bit before 1am last night, and woke up around 4am in a really bad night sweat, only to realize that I had a fever and that it took all of the energy my recent sleep had collected, to sit myself up.  I had some water, and couldn’t really hold my body up much more, so I let myself sink back into bed.  A few hours later I woke up to a nightmare which I now only vaguely remember… but it had something to do with my new apartment and my relatives who live in the USA.  It was, to say the least, a nonsense dream.
I then decided that, although I hadn’t slept to my goal hour in the morning, I would just lounge about in bed until then.  As I rolled over to check my emails I saw another (of a recent series) cold, daunting email from my ex.  I finally picked myself back up to write an upset email back to him, went outside for some fresh air, and told myself that I am better than this.  I came back inside, tried to distract myself by reading what I thought was a book of humor, but it turns out, only some of the quotes are humorous! I showered, made myself some food (first time using the stove here!!! It was awesome! Heated up really fast and everything!), and sat down to work.  And as I began, I heard a loud explosion, and looked out the window to see a very fat cat sitting on my window sill.  It was bizarre.  I have yet to understand what the explosion was, and I believe the fat cat belongs to my landlord.  Anyway, what relates my morning to my thyroid is that with every step of this morning, my neck has had a different pain.  It’s bizarre.  Not to mention my body’s neutrophils being super pissed off at the radiation and giving me these fevers and weakness.

I’m heading off to Hamburg tomorrow, so I suspect this might be my last post before the Thyoliday Blues and Truths post on the 28th!

Stay tuned!


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