Scupdate and then some…


Well, got my labs and things back from the doctor– and we have a TSH of 0.2, FT4 of 29.0, FT3 of 6.1, and a detectable Tg… cute!  Somehow despite all of the good things with my TSH and T4, I still don’t feel great.  I’m still extremely tired and just feeling generally hypo.  Oh well– hopefully that’ll clear up soon.
Along with the lab results, I also got the recommendation letter to give to the nuclear medicine doctors in HD for my second therapy.  The endocrinologist made it clear in his letter that he has high hopes for remission following this upcoming treatment– which would be great!  Then just follow ups every 6 months!

Otherwise, things are going pretty well– studying for my physics exam that has been looming in front of me for the past 4 months, and going to the gym regularly.  It’s hard to explain, but I think my body has become addicted to cardio workouts– it’s almost as if when I don’t go, I feel bad.  I’ve been doing Tae Bo courses, as well as some stomach and back specific mini-courses… I also tried Kettelbells today– which, for those of you who have recently had thyroid surgery, really seem to strengthen the right neck muscles without making you feel like your head will fall off– I would highly recommend it!  I will also try the sauna tomorrow, after my Tae Bo course.  I can’t wait!  I haven’t been in a sauna for about 5 months– and recently I’ve been afraid because of my heart.  But I figure that if I was able to keep up in the Tae Bo courses for at least 2 in a row, my heart will withstand the heat- and hell, if I get a round of palpitations, I can always just leave and take a cold shower.

I have some pictures I took of my scar over the past few days:

January 13th-- some swelling can be seen.

I'm glowing, mother fucker! Well, not anymore, but soon again!

Scupdate from today!

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