Quickie– yep, your thyroid just smiled.


I can’t decide how to refer to the lump on my neck… I’m so tempted to use a humpty dumpty reference– lumpty dumpty or something… but yet so close to using a Big Fat Greek Wedding reference and calling it my twin, which I ate in the womb.  I think lumpty dumpty sounds a bit less crazy.   Well, nonetheless, lumpty dumpty/twin is steadily growing much to my dismay.  I’ve seen two doctors about it, both my endo and my PCP… PCP was quite adamant about getting it removed, whereas mr. coolendo told me to come back if it grew more– but of course, I needed to have made an appointment with him something like three years ago in order to be seen in the next 6 weeks.  Sometimes I love the system here.  I am going doctor hunting– I need a competent surgeon who will be able to leave my carotid intact as well as the majority of my vital muscles, and this surgery is quite specific and rare.  I think I’ll be traveling from my doctor-rich area of Heidelberg to Karlsruhe some time this week to check out a few doctors there- and possibly if all else fails, to see a specialist in Hamburg.
All of you thyca patients reading this, don’t be shy to advocate for yourself- it’s the best thing you can do.  I’ve started to get tired of the back and forth and 10 euros and doctor referrals but it’s my life- I’d prefer more quality and quantity than letting myself fall asleep on this.

Ah!  And my blood work came back!  My TSH is still a wee bit too high (0.04- should be 0.02), Tg (tumor marker) is still detectable (thanks cells hanging out in my neck/chest!  love you too!), T3 is within range, T4 is a tad bit high, but to be expected with my dose of l-thyroxin, and the special great part of the labs– my TgAB (tumor marker antibodies) has started to rise!  Awesome!  This is great, because I won’t be able to be followed with the stupid tumor marker anymore, since my body is starting to mess with it!  The best part is, that this means that I will probably have to have whole body CTs or radioactive iodine scans every 6-12 months because they won’t be able to know otherwise if there is a recurrence.  Sweetness!  But I’m all about waiting for the antibodies to reach their critical mass before dealing with the frequent inconveniences.

In other news, I found the book The Last Lecture sitting around my desk this afternoon and began to read it– although I haven’t really read anything non-university related in ages, I seem quite intrigued… any of you survivors read it?  Ironically enough, my copy was given to me as a graduation gift two years ago when it came out and it’s been hanging around my various abodes for the a while.

Well, I am off to continue some procrastination and hopefully indulge in some awesome jaw-pain-free sleep tonight (yeah right!)!


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