Lab Update


Just a brief lab update, as I finally received my most recent labs this afternoon!  They’re from the 7th of April, but still the newest I’ve got!  TSH is 0,0!!!!! Great!  Finally properly suppressed.  FT4 is 30, which is pretty high, but ok considering the TSH suppression and would also explain the higher frequency of heart palpitations… FT3 is 6,2 which is on the high end of normal.  My CEA (Carcinoembryonic antigen) is slightly elevated- Tg hasn’t budged, Parathyroid Hormones are doing well in normal range, calcium levels are actually a bit high, which is fine.  And my kidneys seem to be pumping well and in range.  Yep— thathathathathathat’s all folks!


One Response to “Lab Update”

  1. 1 Mike

    Hello my fighter and Hello my kindred spirit.
    I’ve been following your blog and have written to you before, about a couple months ago. You have helped me with your show of spirit and
    your fight to win your battle.
    It is easier to write to you than my kids.
    My thyriod cancer has spread .
    It was December when my issue was first detected.
    Tomorrow I will finally have a “Total thyroidectomy,
    Central compartment lymph node disection and Radicalneck disection left”.
    I took your advice and found a Doctor in Pittsburgh. He’s a professor of Endocrine Surgery. He’s says “Don’t worry; what you are having done is more than normal, but that just means it will take longer. I do this stuff all the time.
    You’re in good hands.”
    He showed me confidence.
    Why am I still worried ? :-)

    I had a dream last night, about a lone wolf lost in the desert
    trying to find it’s way back home.

    I hope to write to you again with good news on my part;
    and hope to hear the same from you.
    Keep moving in a forward direction.
    Best Regards,

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