A month’s space.


It’s been another post-less month.  Although I often dream about my blog, and my readers, somehow my dreaming doesn’t become reality.
I don’t really know what it is that I’ve been doing recently that eats up so much time.  For some reason I don’t have time to write good friends and answer emails and talk to others.
I often get up around  9am, take my medications and go back to bed for another few hours.  I’ve been sleeping the most that I have in my life, yet I am still completely exhausted– not just the sleepy groginess that one has if one sleeps too much, rather the extreme body-weakening exhaustion that needs a rest.
Well, I’ve just reached another one of those points, and perhaps this time it’s because it’s quarter to 2 in the morning.

I promise a new update with pictures and what have you soon!

Good night from my side of the world!

6 Responses to “A month’s space.”

  1. 1 Mike of Edinboro

    Hello again .
    I’m just checking in to tell you I’m was wondering how you are doing.
    I was diagnosed with cancer in January, I got the knife in the neck(was operated on) in Pittsburgh in early May… St Margaret’s Hospital.In 4 hours, they removed thyroid and effected lyph nodes(total neck disection).
    I’ve just started the low iodine diet and next week will have the preliminary full body scan. So far, everything is going as well as can be expected.
    I’m not very good at writing and I don’t do it often, so you are the honored recipiant at mt stab at this THYblog. :-)
    I read all of your posts as I approched my operation; they gave me strenght.
    Now am concerned because you have not posted lately.
    I am hear to wish you the best and hope to hear from you again…
    You are a good writer and person.

    • Hey Mike,

      I am doing alright– been away a bit and without a functioning computer hence the long silence! ;-D Sorry about that. How are you doing? How did the body scan go? Thank you for making me the honored recipient at your Thyblog post! Please post more! You write very well- and please keep me updated on what’s going on with you!


      • 3 Mike

        Hello, it’s me again.
        Please tell me you are so busy that you forgot about your blog.

        As for me, I’m feeling a bit down, since one of my closest friends had to take a new position and is moving to the east coast
        My scan, done months ago, showed a pesky growth in a vascular bundle, just below where my thyroid used to be.
        The Doctor says, “Don’t worry about it; it’s thyroid cancer, but it is slow growing… let me do the worrying” …you know, just forget about it and enjoy life.(sarcasm)
        I’m on a waiting list for a vile of Thyrogen ( it’s the alternative prep to the iodine-free diet that is really crappy physically and mentally ), before I get another RAI test. Now I am told the “wait” for Thyrogen may be for months, since the manufacturer is having issues, and there is a growing shortage. BTW, The company that makes Thyrogen told its stockholders not to worry, since lack of production is only costing them 4 or 5 percent of it’s profits.
        I’m a little worried.. my neck seems to be swelling a bit.
        Hungry, please just say “Hi”, and that you have moved on.

  2. 4 misscaterina

    I just caught up on your second surgery. Sounds like you made it through the surgery itself pretty well. How are you doing now? My thoughts are with you!

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