I’m alive and back for a bit, until I forget again.


Well, lots happened in the past few months!  Some good, some bad– but to recapture everything that’s happened in those months would be impossible and unbearable. ;-D  So I’ll fill you in as I go– in the following posts.
I am in the middle of my semester (yay not pausing medical school!) and dealing with exams and what not– but unfortunately also some really low counts.  My red blood cells are pretty depleted and tiny, my whites aren’t doing really great as well– and I’ve got a fever.  I started a new medication for cancer patients with non-iron-related anemia but it’s been making me pretty sick– lots of throwing up and weakness.  We’re working on that!
The Physicist is doing pretty well as well– both have a lot of stress– and he’s been helping me in physics and convincing me that I’m just fine, even though I have low counts. ;-D

I’m going to keep this post a bit short because I have a lot of chemistry to do for tomorrow- but I promise to post some new pictures (oh no!  I’ve gained some hypothyroid weight!) soon!

Until then!!!


3 Responses to “I’m alive and back for a bit, until I forget again.”

  1. 1 Mel

    I’m in California stage four cervical cancer since 2009. I love your positive attitude and hope we can keep in touch. I need as many success stories for stage four as possible.

  2. 2 Jamie janumala

    Nice adam’s apple:)

  3. 3 Sonya

    if it is megaloblastic anaemia, try supplementing with copper. Dont know where you live. I got my mom some from a local health food store, they did have to order it in so it was not a zinc supplement with copper, I see now this is from 2011. haha.
    Anyway, I have thyroid cancer too, just diagnosed last month. Hope you are doing well. My scar looks amazing on the scar line but is really bumpy underneath and feels like they implanted a choker underneath. I dont seem to have that sternal notch either, seems to be filled in with something, not part of me thats for sure.

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