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My veins are collapsing, large bruises are forming.  When I hear “cancer” I think automatically, needles, lots and lots of needles.  Cancer patients receiving their treatment via IV often must, or are given the option of having a port put into them.  I’d go with a port in a minute, and I’m not even getting […]

As per M.’s request, this entry will be about people reacting to my telling them that I have (thyroid) cancer and in turn, my reaction to theirs. I suppose I’ll start out in the beginning, when I first received the phone diagnosis I called a few of my friends- those I knew I’d end up […]

I can’t seem to pin point when my proverbial thyroid cherry was popped.  Was it when I got the Hashimoto’s diagnosis?  Or when the nodule was found?  Or when my thyroid was removed?  Or was it the cancer diagnosis?  I guess a good measure is to figure out which one dealt me the biggest shock– […]

Well, when I was first diagnosed, I was ready to tell the world that I had cancer.  From the moment I hung up the phone with the doctor to now, any chance I get I’ll tell a stranger that I have cancer.  I’m not quite sure why… perhaps the more I hear it, the more […]

When I found out I had thyroid cancer, 21 days ago, my first immediate fear was my treatment plan.  I am in medical school in Germany, and things work a lot different there.  In many ways, they are by far more progressive than in the USA. Papillary thyroid carcinoma is most commonly treated with radioactive […]

Short whiny post today, but before, I’ll give you some thyroid anatomy: I began my low iodine diet this morning, and I’m already disliking it.  As a vegetarian on the low iodine diet, my only/main sources of protein are coconut milk and egg whites– which is really boring and just really not my favorite. I […]

My Story


Here’s my story: Four years ago my gynecologist mentioned to me that my thyroid was swollen, after palpating the area- I didn’t think much of it.  The next year, during my routine check up with the gynecologist, he mentioned it again.  This time I made a point in mentioning it to my PCP, who then […]

This is a visual chronicle of my thyroidectomy– the first few days, up until about 3 weeks out of the surgery.  They are in chronological order.