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Well, sorry I’ve abandoned the blog for a few days– last Thursday night after I came home I snuggled into my bed, pulled the laptop on to the covers and felt an excruciating pain in my jaw.  My right submandibular salivary gland was huge and painful and pressing both on my jaw and on the […]

Please excuse the babbling, I got a bit carried away.  I also managed to cut my video off way too soon.  I’ll post a better one tomorrow, perhaps.  Oh well.  You should at least get a general idea from this video.



I’m out of isolation and have a nasty metallic taste in my mouth– it’s as if I am sucking on a slowly dissolving quarter.  Disgusting. I’m also quite queasy.  Perhaps they go hand in hand. Total body scan tomorrow… wish me luck. Well, I was given some Xmittens to improve my PICC situation- and man, […]

Well, I’m now able to go off of my low iodine diet and eat the things I’ve been lusting after for weeks… Mineo’s Pizza, Dozen Cupcakes Cupcakes and other goodies. A friend dropped some new movies off for me– some great Israeli hits! In other news, I am still radioactive– still have a PICC.  Almost […]



I’m home and hot in the radioactivity sense.  The scan showed two spots on my neck- it is unclear as to whether they are lymph nodes or residual thyroid tissue.  I was given 50 milicuries with the hope that that will irradiate those two spots.  If not, I’ll have to do it again.  My salivary […]

Well I’ve got a PICC in and I am mildly radioactive.  I’ve had both of my Thyrogen shots– the first one, I found out today was done incorrectly, and was really not painful at all.  The second one hurt a lot, because it was done right- but part of that was my fault, as I […]

Well, yesterday marked the beginning of my cancer treatment.  I went in at 10:30am for lab work- my faaaaavorite.  Anyway, they needed to run the preliminary tests so, CBC, TSH, Free T, T4, Thyroglobulin, etc. and they wanted 10 or so vials out of me.  Mind the fact that I have been on the low […]



The thyroid cancer treatment feels like it’s really starting to begin.  Tomorrow my diet gets even more strict, and then Friday I get lab work plus serum pregnancy test done and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday fun begins next week, followed by another week of radiation and isolation. Today, the 20th, will mark the 5 year anniversary […]

My veins are collapsing, large bruises are forming.  When I hear “cancer” I think automatically, needles, lots and lots of needles.  Cancer patients receiving their treatment via IV often must, or are given the option of having a port put into them.  I’d go with a port in a minute, and I’m not even getting […]