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Well, there’s not much new on my side… just been working a bit, preparing for my return to Heidelberg (yay!) on December 11th!  I am trying to collect pieces of Pittsburgh and of things that make me feel at home as well as things from my friends to bring back with me.

I have a new apartment to move in to– and my life is officially different.  From the moment of my diagnosis, I have had to pick up the pieces of my life that were shattered prior to the diagnosis and those which were shattered by/from the diagnosis and put them all back together again… arranging the order a bit- some feng shui, if you will.  I am pretty satisfied with the current arrangement- my return to Heidelberg, my new apartment, my ongoing medical studies, my job, my friends, the gym.  I am looking forward to a time when everything has a routine again and things come easily and simple.

Health-wise I am also doing fine- nothing has really changed on the larger vital scheme– although, I’ve been experiencing some swelling in my throat which makes it a bit hard to breathe sometimes at night, and also to swallow.  I called my doctor who told me to get myself evaluated at the ER- I’ve decided only to go in if it gets to the point that I am in danger of aspirating something or choking.

I also went to my first Thyca Support Group meeting– it was very nice and reassuring.  I am sad to have to leave that group when I return to Heidelberg, although when I visit here again, I will most definitely attend the meetings.

Sorry this post is a bit fragmented- lots of organizational things to work out, but I at least wanted to post something!

Here is a fresh review of the protocol for treating differentiated thyroid cancer: http://www.liebertonline.com/doi/pdf/10.1089/thy.2009.0110

Here’s a scupdate (scar update, yes, I am just that fancy!):

Scupdate 11.19.09



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